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In the last 2.5 years, I have averaged 2 speaking engagements a month. I speak on a variety of topics relating to Data, Building Products, Self-Advocacy, Career Growth, Leadership, and more. My content is always relevant, actionable, and inspiring for my audience!

I have spoken at conferences, academic settings such as universities and schools, company events, seminars, and private groups. I welcome both in-person as well as virtual engagements. A few of the more popular formats I tend to speak in:

  • Keynote
  • Talk
  • Panel
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA)
  • Workshop

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Topics I Speak On

My speaking content is designed to be relevant, actionable, and empowering for my audience! Some of the broad topics I speak on, with the most popular sub-topics highlighted:

Click on the topics above or scroll below for a detailed list of all of my popular talks!

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Prior Speaking Engagements

I've had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations! A more detailed list of prior speaking engagements is below. A small sample of organizations I have worked with:

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Feedback from past attendees

Some samples of great feedback from attendees of my past talks!

  • "Self-advocacy is a topic that is not openly discussed and it should be. And I'm glad that we have experts like Shailvi to walk us through it. Shailvi was able to communicate her points very clearly and the examples cited were relatable. The steps were also assertive but realistic at the same time. I'd definitely love to know more about this topic because of her talk." ~ LTP
  • "It was eye opening and something I needed to hear at this point. The flow in content was just perfect and it was so impactful. It’s so easy to put ourselves down specially for people who need constant external validation but this talk is motivating to take that extra step and get out of comfort zone" ~ Ritika
  • "I loved listening to you speak on self-advocacy. More women should speak up for themselves and their accomplishments" ~ Sandra H
  • "Thanks for your awesome talk. I learnt a lot and thanks for sharing the framework too" ~ Seema S
  • "I LOVED your talk, especially the humble brags and advocating for myself" ~ Carissa Y
  • "I appreciate your resources and the direct actions instead of just providing hypothetical solutions" ~ Shannon M
  • "I really found your speech insightful and I do really like your approach" ~ Christine D

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Past video recordings

In 2021-22, I spoke in 45 speaking events. My speaker reel can be found on my YouTube channel.

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Full List of Topics I Speak On

Please click on the topics to scroll below to the related sub-topics and the talk descriptions. Keep in mind the list below is just a sample, and that I add new topics all the time.
If you have suggestions for a related topic or a different angle you'd like to hear from me at your event, feel free to mention that! I can customize my talks for specific audiences.

Topic Title Description

Data & Building Products

Data Preventing, Diagnosing, and Curing Bad Data Data quality talk covering actionable methodologies and concepts
Data Data Fitness for a Healthy Business Data quality concepts for business leaders and XFN partners
Data Data Storytelling Deep-dive of data, visualization, and narrative techniques to influence decisions
Data Debiasing the Data Lifecycle Proactive ways to prevent and address bias throughout the data lifecycle
Data Building an Effective Data Strategy The why, what, and how of building an effective data strategy
Data Thoughtful Analytics A mix of technical and business concepts related to analytics methodologies
Building Products Data-driven Product Success Measuring success and building alignment for your product roadmap
Building Products V2MOM Planning Establishing a V2MOM planning process in your company

Self-Advocacy & Career Growth

Self-Advocacy Self-Advocacy in the Workplace What it looks like, why it matters, and how to do it
Self-Advocacy Get a "Yes" for your Job Promotion Effective pitching for getting promoted at work
Career Growth Personal Branding Creating and leveraging your personal brand
Career Growth Career Values Aligning personal values with a company mission


Leadership Intersectionality What it is, why it matters, how to do it
Leadership DEI Strategies How leaders can create actionable plans for DEI
Leadership Hiring & Retention Done Right How to hire, grow, and retain an amazing team
Leadership Running Impactful Teams Getting the best out of your team through effective goal-setting and clear communication
Leadership Intro to Management Frameworks, strategies, and tips for first-time managers

Lightning Talks (short topics)

My Journey My path to multiple Head of "X" roles as a woman of color in tech
The Crooked Path Career transitions between Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Data
Intro to Angel Investing Short overview of my experience and how I got into angel investing
Company Spotlights Short overview of my experience at various companies - Strava, Komodo Health, Salesforce, or Fitbit
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Detailed List of Prior Speaking Engagements

Below is a list of most of my speaking engagements from the last few years, including some that are upcoming.

Format Host Topic


Podcast DEI After 5 Self-Advocacy
Podcast Drop in CEO Self-Advocacy
Podcast Evo Inspires Career Growth


Talk Developer Week Data
Podcast Nerd Journey Career Growth
Talk RVA Tech Data Summit Data
Talk Google Developer Student Clubs @ Christ University Bangalore Data
Podcast Women Who Code Data
AMA Peek Data
Podcast Engatica Data
Talk Warsaw School of Economics Career Growth, Self-Advocacy
Talk 200OK Data
Talk WiDS Silicon Valley @SAP Data
Talk London Business School Data
Panel The Diversity Movement DEI
Talk AECOM - ERG for Early Career Professionals Self-Advocacy
Talk Current 2023: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit Self-Advocacy
Talk Strava - ERG for Pan-asians Self-Advocacy
Podcast The Engineering Leadership Podcast Self-Advocacy
Podcast How to Product? Data
Podcast Time to Shine Self-Advocacy
Talk AI Dev World Data
Discussion Elevate Conference Self-Advocacy
Panel Women in Analytics Conference - Meta Data


Panel Rise Up Women Leadership
Podcast Navigating Life Husband and Wife Financial Wellness
Talk Elevate - Geek Girl X Self-Advocacy
AMA Georgia Southern University Career Growth
Talk Women in Data Science - Puget Sound Self-Advocacy
Talk London Business School Company Spotlight
Talk Women in Analytics Conference - Meta Self-Advocacy
Talk Bayes Business School Company Spotlight
Keynote DRECon - Data Reliability Engineering Conference Data
Podcast Ken's Nearest Neighbors Data, Career Growth
Talk University of Vienna Data
Talk UXOK Intersectionality
Talk Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Self-Advocacy
Panel AI and Big Data Expo Data
Talk Impact - The Data Observability Summit Data
Talk ICSEW Self-Advocacy
Talk Stretch Con Self-Advocacy


Talk VTTA Tech Conference Intersectionality
Talk LA Tech4Good Data
Workshop Women Who Code NYC Career Growth
Panel General Assembly Fitness Tech
Keynote Women in Data Science - Miami Data
Talk Women in Data Science - Puget Sound Data
Panel Women in Data Science - Standford / SAP Data
Seminar Queen's University Belfast Data
Podcast Hays Recruitment Career Growth
Talk MongoDB Conference Intersectionality
Talk ACT-W National Conference Data
Panel Geek Girl X Women Leadership
Panel General Assembly Data & Healthcare
Podcast Ordinarily Extraordinary Women in Tech
Panel Western University DEI
Talk Droidcon - London Self-Advocacy
Talk University of Stellenbosch Company Spotlight
Talk Ruby Conf Intersectionality
Podcast Beyond the Checkbox DEI
Data Strava Press Conference Year in Sport
Keynote Tableau: Data + Women Data
Talk Texas Christian University Data


Talk Webinar Series Self-Advocacy
Talk Data Umbrella Data
Mentoring Grace Hopper Conference Self-Advocacy
Talk Finding Ada Conference Intersectionality
Talk Crunch meetup Data
Podcast Tech Trek Data
Podcast Choose Inclusion DEI
Podcast Teach the Geek Career Growth


Talk Write / Speak / Code Conference Self-Advocacy
Talk Grace Hopper Conference Happiness
Discussion Grace Hopper Conference Self-Advocacy
Talk Tech Day LA Data


Talk Dreamforce Data
Talk Level Analytics Data
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