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I am the former Head of Data & Analytics from Strava and Komodo Health. I am also an Angel Investor. I have extensive experience in management and leadership positions across companies of all sizes including large Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce, and small and mid-size startups like Fitbit. Within the tech industry, I've built a deep understanding of how business leaders ascertain the value of technologists.

As an analyst, my job is to use data to tell effective stories that inspire action. Through it I've learned the art of presenting information in the right manner, tailored to the audience, so that the desired outcomes can be achieved. I want to teach people this art of effective storytelling, for their own personal and career growth.

In the past, I ran my own company, where I learned the importance of getting strangers to understand the value I provided. I did this successfully with startups across the globe. I also worked in in the beginning of my career, where I learned a lot about what made people stand out and get noticed while applying for jobs. My role also helped me understand how much employers value confidence and good communication.

A few articles where I share my thoughts and learnings:

A few talks where I share my thoughts and learnings:

Get a “Yes” for your Job Promotion Proposal

Get a Yes for your Job Promotion Proposal

Many people face challenges advocating for themselves at work, especially when asking for a promotion. Under-represented groups especially can be deprived of guidance on how to strategically approach this critical process.

I propose a simple and effective 3-step framework to help you own your narrative.

Effective frameworks for 1-1s at work

Effective frameworks for 1-1s: Learn more about your team

The best way for a manager to keep a pulse on their team satisfaction and engagement, is through effective one-on-ones. It’s a great space to build a trusted relationship, where you listen, absorb and act on the topics they bring up.

Sharing some of my top 3 frameworks that I've experimented with in my 6+ years as a people manager.

10 Simple Steps to a Breezy Job Hunt

10 Simple Steps to a Breezy Job Hunt

What sounds more exhausting than starting a job search? If you are unsure where to begin, follow along with my 10-step guide which can help make the process feel more structured.

Searching for a better fit is ultimately an investment in your current and future happiness. And the pursuit of happiness should never be a chore!

Getting Comfortable with Self-Advocacy

Speaking at the Stretch Conference in Budapest Nov'22

Sharing the importance of Self-Advocacy, and practical tips on how to do it.

This talk was aimed at leaders who want to learn more about Self-Advocacy and want to better support their teams with it.

No Woman Left Behind: Planning for Intersectionality

Speaking at the Finding Ada Conference in Nov'20

When we think about gender issues, we cannot ignore intersectionality. Women face all the challenges that women in STEM usually do, and also face additional challenges based on their race, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, education etc.

We have to actively prioritize creating a plan to support all women.

Choose Inclusion podcast - discussing DEI&B

Discussion with the Choose Inclusion team in Oct'20

Sharing my thoughts on prioritizing DEI&B, while being the only woman (and a WOC) on an Engineering Leadership team.

We have a responsibility to ensure that the products we build as a company aren’t causing harm. There are many ways to expand the focus on biases across intersectionalities.

How to #HumbleBrag Effectively

My talk at Write Speak Code conference in Aug'19

My thoughts on the importance of self-advocacy, and how to go about doing it well for the sake of your career.

Many people are shy of accepting praise and highlighting their professional achievements to the detriment of their career success. In this talk, I highlight the specific ways to phrase your wins and position your thinking to not get left behind due to a lack of perceived value.

Why Women should opt for STEM

My video at the WomenInSTEM conference in Jul'15

My thoughts on why women should opt for STEM, and how they will succeed in it - as shared at the WomenInSTEM conference in Dubai.

As a lifelong #WomanWhoCodes, I've had a fantastic time in this field. Here's hoping many more women come along for the ride!

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