Prioritize Happiness

Simple ways to powerfully choose happiness in your life

I am committed to the lifelong prioritization of happiness!

As a child, I moved homes very often due to the fact that I was a military kid. Because of the constant movement, change was very much a part of my life. I never had the luxury of deriving comfort and joy from things that stayed the same over time. Yet, I was a happy kid and had a great childhood.

As an adult, I often compared my experiences to those of people around me, and wondered why so many people talked about happiness as a destination, rather than a journey. I took stock of my own decision-making, to better quantify what worked for me, and what I wanted to continue to focus on.

I've spent the last few years understanding the relationship between actions, experiences, and joy. Some of these learnings have been converted to frameworks that I use for my own decision-making, which is meant to maximize my long-term happiness.

A few talks where I share my thoughts and learnings:

Unraveling the Prioritization of Happiness

My talk at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Oct'19

My musing on the importance of prioritizing happiness, rather than just pursuing it. I also share many examples of how I make decisions in my own life, by sticking to a framework for happiness.

Prioritizing Happiness - Everyday!

My talk at the TEDx event at Fitbit in Nov'16

My thoughts on how to make happiness a priority, every single day. What time is better than now for joy, kindness, and gratitude?

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