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Skills that impact many aspects of your life

We all have unique experiences that we learn from throughout our life. I like to consolidate my learnings in one place, to put them in a structured format that I can refer to later.

Sharing some tips and tricks on various topics, to help you get through life!

A few articles where I share my thoughts and learnings:

A few talks where I share my thoughts and learnings:

Employee engagement & philanthropy

Employee engagement & philanthropy

Employees increasingly care about working with leaders and colleagues they feel connected to. Structuring philanthropy programs at work is a great way to support those connections.

Philanthropy programs are good for employees, good for society, good for leaders who want to foster a happy workplace, and good for growing brand goodwill.

Pronouncing Unique Names

Pronouncing Unique Names

In increasingly diverse settings, it’s become common to encounter people whose names we might find difficult to pronounce. As a person with a unique name, I also anticipate and empathize with others having trouble pronouncing my name.

Sharing some simple strategies to make these unique interactions easier and more rewarding!

5 Steps to give a powerful talk

5 Steps to give a powerful talk

Lessons from Speaking at Dreamforce!

My colleagues and I got the opportunity to present the work of our larger team at Dreamforce'18. It was a great experience speaking at such an amazing platform!

Sharing my learnings for others who may be prepping for similar talks. Hopefully this framework helps you get started, and makes you feel confident and prepared.

Teach the Geek podcast - Public Speaking

Teach the Geek podcast in Dec'20

Sharing my journey in tech and how I got into Data. Also highlighting the role played by mentors in my career growth.

I also share tips and advice on how to become a better public speaker.

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