Shailvi Wakhlu

Fractional Data Leader at Seed and Series A Startups

Companies that are serious about business success, care about investing in data. I'm the former Head of Data from Strava, where I led the Data Department and Data Guild comprising 34 Analysts, ML Engineers, and Data Engineers. As a data and analytics leader, I've also brought discipline and data science rigor to companies such as Salesforce, Komodo Health, and Fitbit. I have personal investments in 3 data startups at the moment.

I consult with companies that are hungry for data and want to invest early in their data processes, assets, teams, and tooling. Having someone like me, who has more than sixteen years of experience building products in businesses with 600M ARR, can set your company on the path to success. Within the last year, I have worked with six high-growth companies and delivered tangible value that helped them streamline their data practices, and use their data assets more effectively.

I deliver benefits in four primary areas:
1. Create your 2-year data strategy and vision
2. Map out a short to medium-term hiring plan, and hire key positions
3. Setup building blocks for data culture and education, including at the C-suite level
4. Mentor and coach junior analysts and data scientists

Connect with me using my contact form, on LinkedIn, or email me at If you have a collaboration in mind, we can set up some time to explore a mutual fit.

Professional Bio

Shailvi Wakhlu headshot

Shailvi Wakhlu is a Technology Leader, Author, and International Keynote Speaker. She is the former Head of Data & Analytics at Strava and Komodo Health. Her sixteen-year data and engineering career has included companies such as Salesforce, Fitbit, and a software startup she co-founded. Shailvi’s data expertise comes from being a practitioner at tech startups and large companies across three continents.

Wakhlu speaks on data and self-advocacy at twenty-five or more global conferences and Fortune 500 corporate events each year. She also teaches online courses on these subjects to a global audience.

Wakhlu offers individual and group coaching. She has helped hundreds of aspiring and current data scientists grow their skills and reach important career milestones faster. She is also an investor and advisor to several high-growth startups in the data space.

Wakhlu grew up in India and studied Computer Engineering at Illinois Tech in Chicago. She loves to travel and has visited thirty-three countries. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their sixty plants.

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